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  童装品牌五大乱象Children's clothing brand of five big mess

  新标实施两年仍存旧标New standards for two years still the old label

  如今,纺织产品的新国标实施已有两年多,市场情况到底怎样?Now, the new national standard of textile products has been implemented for more than two years, the market situation is?

  在天意批发市场,记者发现这里的童装标识五花八门,其中竟然还有执行2003年旧版标准的。In God's wholesale market, the reporter found here identifies all kinds ofgarments, which should also implement the 2003 old version standard.

  一款咔咔乐园的产品,其安全技术类别标注:18401-2003,B类。但没有任何标识能让消费者判断是适合什么样身高的孩子穿的。产地广东的乐迪虎不仅标注显示是2003年旧国标,甚至将标准中的“GB”直接标注成“CB”。A Kaka paradise products, the safety technical category label: 18401-2003, B class. But without any logo can let consumer judgment is suitable for what kindof height children wear. The origin of Guangdong music Dihu label display isnot only in 2003 the old GB, even in the standard "GB" mark directly into "CB".

  像这种仍然执行旧标的产品不仅批发市场有售,记者在一些街头小店也发现不少。Like this still perform the old standard products not only to the wholesale market for sale, the reporter also found that many in some corner store.

  另外,还有的童装品牌或许认识到应该执行新的标准,就将童装标识牌上的“GB18401-2003”中的“2003”直接用签字笔涂改成“2010”。In addition, some children's wear brand maybe realize should enforce the new standards, will wear signs on the "GB18401-2003" in the "2003" the direct use of pen altered into "2010".

  标签上找不到有效信息The label could not find a valid information

  相比一些产品尚且还标注了执行的是何种安全技术类别标准的服装而言,还有很多童装根本就没有标注应该标注的信息。如金利吉尔的一款童装,仅标注了“一等品”和价格等信息;还有一款毛衣标注了颜色,尽管尺寸显示“100”,但是却根本找不到“婴幼儿用品”以及“A类”的标识。Compared with some products have also marked the implementation of what kind of security technology standard categories of clothing, there are a lot ofchildren's wear no annotation should label information. Jinli Gil as a children's clothes, only marked "firsts" and price information; and a sweater label color,although size shows "100", but simply can not find the "infant supplies" and "a"logo.

  对于这些产品,销售人员则表示,这是外贸转内销的童装,所以没有标识,没有品牌和生产厂家。For these products, the sales staff said, this is the foreign trade to domesticchildren's wear, so no logo, no brand and manufacturer.

  有意思的是,还有商家干脆挂了模棱两可的标签,如淼星童装系列:标签上印着“GB18401A/B”,A、B两类同时标注,消费者无所适从。记者询问店员一件两周岁孩子穿的上衣是否符合国标A类标准,店员含糊其辞回应称:“这都是纯棉的,肯定没有问题,放心穿吧。”Interestingly, there are business simply hang up ready to accept either courselabel, such as the Miao Xing children series: labels printed with "GB18401A/B",A, B two categories and labeling, consumers not know what course to take. The reporter asked the shop assistant of a two years old children wear coat whetheraccords with national class a standard, the clerk Equivocation responded: "this is pure cotton, certainly no problem, rest assured to wear."

  网售儿童服装标准缺位Net sales of children's clothing standard vacancy

  记者在淘宝网搜索“婴幼儿服装”共有约4.04万件宝贝,一些品牌如戴维贝拉、天线宝宝、哈町等品牌,均有详实的图片资料及检测报告显示其符合“GB18401-2010A类”的标准。但仍有大批婴幼儿童装淘宝店家在宣传页面中并未明确标出符合新国标的证据,当记者咨询客服其产品是否符合“GB18401-2010A类”标准时,其回答也含糊不清,声称“应该符合吧,我们的产品都是合格才卖的”。记者要求其拍摄标签或标识牌,客服又称其存货的地方与客服所在的办公地不在一处。The reporter in Taobao Search "infant clothing", a total of about 40400 baby,some brands such as David Bella, Teletubbies, ha ting and other brands, hasdetailed picture information and testing report shows the "GB18401-2010A class" standard. But there are still a large number of infant children's wearTaobao stores in the propaganda page does not clearly marked in line with the new national standard of evidence, when the reporter to the Advisory Service of the products is in accordance with the "GB18401-2010A class" standard, theanswer is ambiguous, claiming that "should be consistent with it, our productsare qualified to sell". The reporter asked its shoot label or marking card, also known as the local customer service and customer service inventory is not in anoffice.

  淘宝卖家时常打着“外贸进口”“韩国童装”“面料纯棉(95%及以上)”等招牌吸引买家,不过其不但无法出示符合新国标的证明,且在尺码标注的方式上如“6码”“7码”,显然与国标中要求的“身高/腰围”标注方法不同。Taobao sellers often under the banner of "import" and "South Korean children's clothing" "fabric of cotton (95% and above)" signs to attract buyers, but its not only unable to produce proof of compliance with the new national standard, and in a marked way such as "6" "7", the requirements in the national standard"clearly and height / waist" different annotation method.

  记者翻看了不少评论,有买家留言称,“说实话,真不像店家描述的那样,收到的时候有点失望,做工其实就是正价几十块的质量,不放心里面的棉,用消毒液泡了才敢给宝贝穿。”A look at a lot of comments, there are buyers message said, "to tell you the truth, I really like the store described, receiving it a bit disappointed,workmanship is actually positive price quality dozens of pieces, don't trust the inside of the cotton, with a disinfectant vacuole to dare to baby wear."

  优衣库等大品牌也违规UNIQLO brand also illegal

  如果说批发市场、街边小店、电商渠道出现不合格的婴幼儿服装是意料之中的事情的话,那么国际大牌直接违规则令人愕然。If the wholesale markets, street shops, the business channel not qualified infant clothing is expected thing, so the international big direct rule is stunned.

  在西单大悦城H&M店,记者发现,这里销售的一款型号为90/56(身高/胸围)的上衣,没有“婴幼儿用品”的字样,同时标称为B类。The reporter found in Xidan city H&M stores, sales, where a model for 90/56(height / bust) coat, there is no "infant supplies" of the word, and nominal B class.

  在新街口新华百货优衣库门店,记者发现一款上装标注型号为“80/48”的内衣也是直接标注为“B”类,且标签上关于执行标准是手写的。In Xinjiekou Xinhua Department Store UNIQLO stores, reporters found a jacketlabeled model "80/48" underwear is also directly labeled as "B", and the labelon the implementation of standards is written.

  除了生产企业,在大型零售商沃尔玛,记者发现其销售的一款女婴棉衣,型号标注是“100/50”,标签标注是婴幼儿用品,但是同款不同型号的产品标签上原有的“A”类字样被涂改液抹去,却又找不到其他等级字样。至于具体原因,工作人员则表示不清楚。In addition to the production enterprises, in the large retailer WAL-MART, the reporter found that its sales of a baby clothes, type mark is "100/50", the labelis infant supplies, but the same product labels of different types of the original "A" class of words by correction fluid to erase, but can not find the words of other grades. As for the specific reasons, the staff said they did not know.

  对于这些大牌企业生产销售的婴幼儿服装产品,郭文松表示,就算标签合格,也不必然意味着产品就合格。而这些大牌企业的标识都不合格,仅凭这一点就能断定是不合格的商品了,至于其中各项有害物质是否超标,则需要专业检测才能知晓。但无论结果怎样,消费者看到这样的产品是不能选择的。For the production and sales of these big enterprises of apparel products, the infant Guo Wensong said that even if the label is qualified, does not necessarilymean that the product qualified. And these big enterprise logo is not qualified,this alone can conclude is substandard goods, for which the harmful material is exceeded, you need to know the professional detection. But no matter what the outcome, consumers see such a product is not selected.

  模糊婴幼儿和大童界限Infants and children with fuzzy boundaries

  记者注意到,现实生活中还有一些2岁多婴儿身高长得快而不得不选择100公分以上的服装的情况,但是100公分以上的童装按国标规定可执行非A类安全指标,这就让妈妈们担心,产品中的危害物含量是否可能给尚是婴幼儿的孩子带来伤害。Reporter noted that in real life there is some 2 years old baby height grow faster and have to choose 100 cm above the clothes, but 100 cm above thechildren according to GB can perform non class a safety index, which makesmothers worry, in the product harm content is available to still be in infantschildren hurt.

  一些精明的企业显然没放过这种商机。记者在H&M就发现,一款型号为110/56的“儿童针织上衣”,其标注执行的安全技术标准为B类,但是其又称适合2-4岁的孩子。类似这样标注的衣服很多,除了H&M外,ZARA等也有这样的标Some smart companies apparently didn't pass this opportunity. Reporter foundin H&M, a model for the 110/56 of the "children's knitted clothing" technical safety standards the annotation for the implementation of the B class, but also called for 2-4 years old children. Like many annotation of clothes, in addition to H&M, ZARA also has such a standard

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